About Us

Dante's Doggy Delights is a labor of love, powered by a passion for animals. The idea to spend my free time crafting dog treats began in late October of 2015 when, after months of contemplating and prepping, I invited a three-month-old Chihuahua mix into my heart and my home. I instantly fell in love with my new puppy, who I named Dante. With his pointed, fuzzy ears and big, curious eyes, he charmed his way into my lap and brought more happiness and purpose than I ever would have imagined. 

I found myself thinking and acting like a new mother, only wanting the best for my new companion, whether it was long walks, new toys to play with, and above all healthy food and treats that I could give him and feel good about. Finding treats that were natural that he actually enjoyed was at times an adventure all on its own, until I took matters into my own hands and started baking for him. I knew I could feel good about the ingredients in my treats because I could actually understand them; they were simple, just as they should be. 

Since opening, I have had the pleasure of creating new, fun treats for my dog (and yours) that look and smell so good that even I want to eat them! Dante has his paw in everything- from inspiring each new cookie collection to watching me carefully throughout the process to ensure our customers are receiving only the best products from mom & pup! We have also added some other products we know you will love, like our "Home is Where the Dog Is" Home Essentials Line and our Mom & Pup Clothing Line (coming soon)! We want to be your one-stop shop for everything a mom & her pup needs. So, take a look around and maybe you will find something you love! Our products are cute, the ingredients are simple and natural, and we donate a portion of our products to animal charities and dogs in need so we can pay it forward to the pups that inspire us!

I look forward to many more years with my best friend and continuing to create new, exciting products that both you and your dog will love!