Our current processing time on retail orders is 5-8 business days and 8-12 business days on wholesale orders. Our business days are Monday-Friday. Thank you for choosing Dante's Doggy Delights!


General Questions

I have placed an order. When can I expect my package to arrive?

A: All of our handmade items are made to order. Our general processing time on retail orders is 3-6 business days and 5-10 business days on wholesale orders, although during peak times such as the holidays, we may extend those processing times. Upon checking out, available shipping options will also give you an estimate of when you can expect your package to arrive, after it is processed.

Why choose Dante's Doggy Delights?

A: By choosing Dante's Doggy Delights, you are choosing quality and care that we invest in each one of our products. You are choosing wholesome ingredients in the treats you give to your best friend that are always free of preservatives, soy, and corn. All of our products are handmade by mom & pup so you can trust that we have paid attention to the little details and created each product with love. 

Do you offer wholesale pricing?

A: Yes, we offer wholesale pricing to gift box subscription companies, pet stores, hotels, and retailers, as well as offer wholesale discounts on some of our products to those looking to purchase in bulk quantities. To know more about our wholesale pricing and catalog, please contact us directly.

Where else can I purchase Dante's Doggy Delights?

A: In addition to purchasing here, you can also find us on Etsy and in select stores. If you have a favorite pet store or pet subscription box, feel free to let them know about us, too and that you would love for them to carry our products!

How can I receive a discount?

A: We offer discounts for those purchasing bulk quantities. You can also sign up for our email newsletter to receive exclusive discounts and promotions!


Barkery & Treats

What kind of ingredients do you use in your dog treats and barkery items?

A: We use only the best all natural & organic ingredients in our treats, and we NEVER use preservatives, soy, or corn. You can learn more about the ingredients we use here. Each product in our shop also has a description of the individual ingredients in each product.

What is the shelf life of your dog treats?

A: All of our treats are free of preservatives! To maintain their shelf life, we simply bake and dehydrate them. All of our treats have a guaranteed shelf life of six months, stored at room temperature. This excludes our cakes and cupcakes.

Do you accommodate dogs with allergies? 

A: Many of our treats have the option to be made gluten-free! The option will appear on each product listing if it is available, or you may contact us directly to create something special for your pup.

 What is the texture of your gourmet dog cookies like?

A: In addition to always using natural & organic ingredients in our gourmet dog treats, we also refrain from using soy, corn, & preservatives to ensure our four-legged customers are only getting the best! To prevent the use of harmful preservatives, we bake and dehydrate our gourmet treats to maintain their shelf life. This creates a crunchy treat that dogs love! Looking for a treat with less crunch? We recommend ordering our treats in our gluten-free recipe, which is slightly more crumbly and easier to break apart than our regular recipe treats. You can also rehydrate our treats by soaking them in water or broth for a few minutes before serving if your dog prefers a softer treat.


Where do you ship?

A: We ship anywhere in Canada and The United States.

How do you ship your packages and how much does it cost?

A: We currently ship with both Canada Post and UPS, to offer you the best rates possible. Upon checking out, our available shipping services and rates will be calculated for you. You will receive an email once your order has been processed and shipped with your tracking number.

How long does shipping take?

A: You can view estimated shipping times beside each available shipping service upon check-out. Keep in mind our current processing time plus estimated shipping times will provide you with the best estimate on when your package will arrive. Please note that orders placed around the holidays may take longer than usual. Always remember to place your order in advance and if you have any issues with the delivery of your package, we recommend contacting Canada Post/USPS or UPS directly.