Our Ingredients

Wholesome, Natural Ingredients You Can Trust

At Dante's Doggy Delights, we take special care when baking for your dog. We are dog moms too, which is why we use natural & organic ingredients and NEVER use preservatives, soy, or corn in our treats. Each treat we create must satisfy mom's concerns of being healthy and safe and pup's concerns about being delicious and fun and if a treat does not receive two paws up, then it doesn't leave our kitchen. It's that simple!
Here are just some of the ingredients we use in our treats and what benefits they can have for your dog!


All Natural Peanut Butter
Not only do dogs go crazy for it, it is also a good source of protein, heart healthy fats, Vitamin B and E, and Niacin. We bake many of our products with it, including Dante's specialty cookies!
Pure Pumpkin
A great source of Vitamin A and Fiber, we use pumpkin in our peanut butter & pumpkin biscuits and in many other treats. Pumpkin helps keep the GI tract moving and also aids in digestive issues.
Organic Oats
A soluble source of fiber, oats are beneficial for senior dogs with bowel irregularity issues. You can find these in our Peanut Butter Poppers!
Organic Flax 
Organic Flax can be found in our specialty cookies, which is a great source of fiber and protein!
Organic Coconut Oil
Coconut oil is great for dogs! It helps to improve their skin & coats, reduces allergies, and helps to prevent infection, too! You can find this ingredient in our gingerbread biscuits and cookies during the holidays!
Dog-Friendly Frosting
We only use Dog-Friendly frosting on our cookies, cakes, and pupcakes! We order ours from an American company that specializes in making icing for dog treats. All natural, wheat free, soy free, preservative free, No hydrogenated fats. No sugar. 
Gluten-Free Options
We know that some pups have allergies , which is why we also have many gluten-free cookies and treat options available so that even dogs with sensitive tummies can enjoy our treats!